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  • Name: F8-4

F8/4 F10/4 F14/4 F18/4 F26/4
Japanese ALPS 100mm stroke slide potentiometer with smooth touch could normally be used for 10 years which is 10 times long lasting than ordinary potentiometer
The environment-preserved and high efficient power switch design not only saves energy but completely solve the problem of noise interference
The built-in effector composed of YAMAHA YSS series digital chips allows you to create professional sounding mixes without the need of additional equipment. AN EFFECE SEND and RETURN jack is also supplied to alIow the use of external effectors.
Unique ultra heavy woof signal function can be compatible with many situations such as speeching and DISCO room, etc.
Provides stereo mixing ST, 2 groups of GROUP 1/2 and AUX outputs to connect more power output devices so as to be competent of large construction conditions
XLR input jack supplies phantom power to provide easy connection condenser microphone which requires external power.
A phones jack allows monitoring every input signals, mixing effect or stereo st output signals.
A built low noise 7 bands graphic equalizer in ST channel allows you to acquire beautiful sound effect.
XLR mic input jacks and TRS phone line balance input jacks are provided to handle a wide range of audio sources from mic. line level devices and stereo output synthe sizers.
TAPE IN jacks and REC OUT jacks offer easy connection of tape decks for playback and recording.



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