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  • Name: BW-S380

Plastic Box系列为两路无源或有源塑料箱全频系统,紧凑而坚固的塑料箱体结构,平滑的频率响应,高动态的范围.适合任何大中小型场所及音乐传输和扩声系统,先进精确无源滤波技术应用,可不需要控制器而能获得最佳性能.
在单元选用方面Plastic Box系列选取的都是优秀的产品,无论是号角还是纸盘单元,都能承受大动态反应的音频信号,无论是做主音箱,监听音箱或是补音音箱,都可以满足各种声音的表现,是一款物超所值的新型音箱.

Plastic box series, it has active & passive speaker system with two way full-frequency. Firm structure, smooth frequency response, high dynamic range. They can use in any location, any transmition system. Even if no controller, it also can offer the best sound as the advanced passive filter technique.
Every part of speaker is excellent, not only the horn, but the woofer,  both of  them  can support high sound signal. It can use as a main speaker, monitor speaker or enclosed speaker, each one can offer you real sound. It should be your best choice.

12" two way speaker

15" two way speaker

型号 Model BW-S300 BW-S380
组件 Components: LF 1x12"(300mm) LF 1x15"(380mm)
HF 1x1.75"(44mm) HF 1x1.75"(44mm)
连接器 Connectors: 2 x NEUTRIK NL4 2 x NEUTRIK NL4
频响 Frequency Reponse: 60Hz-18kHz±3dB 50Hz-18kHz±3dB
灵敏度 Sensitivity(1W/1M): 99dB 100dB
最大声压 Maximum Sound Pressure: 129dB 130dB
额定功率 Rated Power: 300Watts 350Watts
最大功率 Maximum Power: 600Watts 700Watts
标称阻抗 Nominal lmpedance:
推荐功放机 Recommended Amplifiers: 350 to 550Watts into 8Ω 400 to 600Watts into 8Ω
高x宽x深 Height x Width x Depth: 570 x 440 x 310mm 690 x 450 x 360mm
重量 Weight: 15Kg 22Kg

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