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  • Name: BD-45

K Series karaoke speaker adopts the advanced direct/acoustic reflection technology, all of them have been rigorously tested, marched with karaoke design,its clear mid-frequency and powerful low-frequency,can provide you real scene feeling. Standard hoisting mode.
K Series is specially designed for Karaoke room, generally speaking,you should put the speakem 3M away from the seat and the height of hanging should be about 2M. 15 degree down angle of the speakere will project the sound right to the ears. Users can change the height of the speaker according to the size of the room and the distance between the seat and speaker, to get the best sound effects,Even if
facing kinds of limitation, K series will surely better and more directly than normal speakers. Besides the special designs mentioned above, K series are all built-in protection circuit, it can reduce the failure of burning.
Applying wire BOWAY Karaoke amplifier, you can get the best effects.

5 x 4" full-frequency speaker

型号 Model BD-45
组件 Components: LF 5 x 4"(250mm)
频响 Frequency Reponse: 65Hz-16KHz±3dB
灵敏度 Sensitivity(1W/1M): 95 dB
最大声压 Maximum Sound Pressure: 115 dB
额定功率 Rated Power: 150 Watts
最大功率 Maximum Power: 250 Watts
标称阻抗 Nominal lmpedance:
推荐功放机 Recommended Amplifiers: 150 to 200Watts into 8Ω
高x宽x深 Height x Width x Depth: 655 x 155 x 260mm
重量 Weight: 12.5 Kg

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